Welcome to the Vectric Portal

Once you have logged into your Customer Portal account you can download your software installation files and the license codes to activate the software. Aspire and VCarve customers can also use the Portal to download the files for the Clip Art that is included with their software.

Registering for the Portal and Creating an Account

To use the Customer Portal you need to have an account, to create this you need to have received an invite by email.

There are two ways that an invite will be generated:

1 When you purchase software directly from Vectric the invite is automatically sent.

2 When you purchase a copy of the software with a CNC machine then the invite is only sent after you register the product with Vectric. The option to register is automatically shown in the software after you enter the license code you received from your machine tool vendor.

From the invite email you can follow the link to create your Customer Portal account. Once you have completed this step, you will receive one additional email. This is a final check to confirm you have entered the correct email address into your account. You must click on the link in this email to accept the confirmation before being able to log in and access the software etc.

One your Portal registration and acceptance is complete then you can log-in.

For more details on the Vectric Customer Portal, how to register, change your password or other information please take a look at our Portal Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: At present older software is not available from the Portal. Only Version 8 (and higher) of Aspire, VCarve Pro, VCarve Desktop, Cut2D Pro and Cut2D Desktop can be accessed.

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