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Like many websites we place cookies (which are small text files) on your device to track your use of our website and to improve your browsing experience.
This tracking is not linked to your name and is not used to identify you as a person.

We use the following cookies:

Essential cookies

Security cookies V&Co

The following cookies are required for you to be able to use V&Co, without these cookies we would not be able to keep your account secure.

Social cookies

On V&Co we embed content from Facebook and Twitter to show you highlights from the forum, and information about our products and events. We place a consent cookie on your device which you control, allowing these cookies will cause the social platforms to show in your account. If you consent to cookies from these providers any information they collect is processed by them for more information on which info may be collected please view the cookie policies for Facebook and Twitter . These cookies stay on your device permanently, unless you delete them or opt out of social cookies.

Account guide cookie

On V&Co we have a mechanism that helps you navigate over your account page. This guided tour will explain step by step where to find useful resources. We place this cookie in order to have this step once, when you first login. This cookie stays on your device permanently, unless you delete it or opt out of account guide cookie.

Non-essential cookies

Third Party Cookies

General Google Cookies
If you are logged into your Google account while visiting our site Google is able to track your use of certain websites (such as ours). This is an agreement you will have made outside of signing up to V&Co. You will have agreed to this arrangement as part of signing up for a Google account. If you have opted into marketing cookies and are browsing whilst signed into a google account you may see the following cookies.

We embed videos that are externally hosted on YouTube using YouTube's privacy enhanced mode. In this mode YouTube will not set cookies on your computer until you interact with the YouTube video player. V&Co does not have access to these cookies, which are used by YouTube for purposes such as delivering a personalised browsing experience (through suggesting videos and targeting advertising). YouTube does not store any personal information within its cookies. Further information about these cookies can be found here.

To edit your ad preferences on your Google account please go to your Google Ads Settings